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Vietnam, located in South East Asia, is bound by the South China Sea to the East and Laos and Cambodia to the West, while China shares the border to the North. The country is shaped like an elongated S with three basic regions:

North - characterized by its mountainous regions and the Red River Delta as well as plains

Central - high plateaus, alluring beaches and lagoons are attractions for many visitors, coupled with the allure of the ancient city of Hue.

South - The Mekong River and the magic of the city of Saigon (previously called Ho Chi Minh City) ensures that visitors to the country travel the length and breadth of Vietnam.

Agriculture has been, and still remains, the primary economic mainstay of Vietnam, with rice being the most important crop and a source of income due to exports. Other crops include tobacco and jute, while fruit trees are also cultivated. Export of seafood adds to the country's coffers. Vietnam is rich in mineral deposits and mining has become a growing Industry.

  • Country name: Socialist Republic of Vietnam
  • Capital: Hanoi
  • Currency: Dong
  • Population make up: Majority ethnic Vietnamese, along with Chinese, Khmers and others
  • Languages spoken: Vietnamese, Russian, French, Chinese & English
  • Religion: Buddhism, Taoism


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Meliá Hanoi's ViewMeliá Hanoi
5 Star Hotel

[ Meliá Hanoi from 120 USD ]
Hotel Majestic's ViewHotel Majestic
5 Star Hotel

[ Hotel Majestic from 164 USD ]
Rex's ViewRex
5 Star Hotel

Across the street from Rex Hotel are two shopping centres. As little as 200 metres away is the Opera House. Or soak up the atmosphere of Ben Thanh Market. This and the Notre Dam Cathedral are just 500 metres away.
[ Rex from 105 USD ]
Hanoi's ViewHanoi
4 Star Hotel

[ Hanoi from 95 USD ]
Hotel Novotel Nha Trang's ViewHotel Novotel Nha Trang
4 Star Hotel

[ Hotel Novotel Nha Trang from 55 USD ]
Hotel Continental Saigon's ViewHotel Continental Saigon
4 Star Hotel

[ Hotel Continental Saigon from 102 USD ]
Hanoi Capital's ViewHanoi Capital
3 Star Hotel

[ Hanoi Capital from 20 USD ]
Ideal Hotel Hue's ViewIdeal Hotel Hue
3 Star Hotel

[ Ideal Hotel Hue from 30 USD ]
Thai Son Hotel's ViewThai Son Hotel
3 Star Hotel

[ Thai Son Hotel from 28 USD ]
The Jasmine Hotel's ViewThe Jasmine Hotel
3 Star Hotel

[ The Jasmine Hotel from 28 USD ]

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